BRIEF History

Susan Hanley the Chairperson for Leep1 is passionate about raising awareness and fighting for equal rights for adults with learning disabilities. With an interest and talent for fashion and needlework she came up with the idea for Leep1 to start it’s own clothing brand. Susan says: “The idea behind the clothing is to raise awareness of adults with learning disabilities and show people what we can do, not what we can’t do.” The message that we should celebrate abilities not disabilities aims to reduce the stigma and raise awareness of the many barriers and inequalities this community face. Working with a talented artist called Ria from Pyramid of Arts our first designs were created in 2018, which were launched at a fashion show at the Pryzm Nightclub in Leeds.

Susan and Ria’s artistic collaboration is still one of our top selling designs. It is a bright colourful fusion of pattern and texture emblazened with block printed text: “You’ll turn out ordinary if you’re not careful”

Team 2021