Art Project Volunteer Opportunities at Leep1

The AND project at Leep1 is an exciting new start up enterprise that designs and sells clothes. The AND team is made up of two lead artists and 8 adults with a learning disability who together build the AND Clothes brand. Their mission is to change the way the world views adults with a learning disability to show off what they can do and not what they can’t.


We are currently looking for volunteers to support this exciting new project and this is a fantastic opportunity for the right person to get experience in delivering creative activities and supporting adults with a learning disability to build confidence and flourish.

For more information about the project and how to volunteer please contact our volunteer coordinator

More information about what it’s like to volunteer with us at Leep1 can be found here:

Out and About with Leep1

Leep1 members have always enjoyed our ‘Out and About’ trips with Paul and since we’ve been closed everyone has really missed going on these mini adventures together.

Today Paul and Janine explored Leeds City Centre and The Leeds and Liverpool Canal with members Kalwant, Chris, Louise and Susan. They visited the Dark Arches and Granary Wharf before heading along the canal and waterways.

Our cities and canals have lots of wildlife and little ecosystems that have made our urban landscapes their home. As today is #Earthday we decided to visit this tranquil part of the city to appreciate the wildlife and water creatures that live here. Earth day is celebrated every year on April 22 to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect it. City wildlife spots are often forgotten about, but these green spaces are important to keep safe and protected too.

“I came to Leep1 office and saw Beckie outside the building and then I’ve been walking around Leeds and Liverpool Canal today with other Members of Leep1 and Paul and Janine along with a new student. They took us out for a walk in nice and sunny weather, then we went around Leeds City Centre and then back to the Leep1 office to finish off the session we had on today. I am feeling fine and okay

Outdoor Adventures with our Members


One Sunny Week in April

On the 12th April 2021 Leep1 reopened its doors to our members! We now support 19 members in our centre and office each week who have full access to our activities and sessions. Some sessions still remain online so that all our members are able to join in and take part.

We work in small bubbles each day to keep everyone safe and protected from Covid-19 but this has meant that not 100% of our members can come back yet. We really hope it won’t be too long before we can welcome back everyone when restrictions change and ease further.

The sun shone everyday during the second week with a mini spring heat wave in full swing! We made the most of the glorious weather by taking day trips to local parks and areas of interest. A popular choice was Roundhay Park and we visited the lakes and woodland a few times with different groups.

It was amazing to see everyone laughing and having fun together again – even the short bus journey to get to the park was full of fun.

Fairy Houses

During lockdown it was rumoured that magical fairy houses were appearing in Roundhay Woods. No one knows who started this off but local children started to build and decorate more trees adding to the collection. Doors, windows and even stepladders have been stuck more than 10 trees in the Ram Wood area, with some people even adding little toy fairies to complete the scene. There’s even a smiley tree complete with stick-on eyes

We were so excited to find some of them on one of our mini adventures!