Out and About

Photo by Kyle Harrison

The team at Leep1 are working hard to get us re-open in the Autumn and we are all really looking forward to getting to the stage where we can run our full timetable of activities again.

Our Out and About Group and Walking Group would normally happen on a Wednesday and Thursday morning at Leep1. Now that restrictions have being lifted, more of our members are able to be more active. There have been camping weekends, seaside walks, shopping trips and lunch with friends. It’s been a big relief for our members to be able to meet up safely with one another after such a long time in isloation.

It’s lovely to see all the photos of these adventures on our Facebook Group.

Here are just a few of our favourites….

Our New Newsletter Has Arrived!

Find out all our top stories and news in our brand new newsletter out now!

We now have dedicated section on our website that will feature our quarterly newsletters, plus videos made by our members about what’s been happening at Leep1.

You can find our newsletters here: https://leep1.co.uk/newsletters/

Our first newsletter covers the last three months while we were in lockdown as both Leep1 and Cafe Leep were closed. We have still been very busy and active online, celebrating lots of events and supporting our members on our Facebook Group.

We really hope you enjoy reading it.
We will be publishing our next newsletter in the Autumn.

Leep1 Masquerade Ball new date in May 2021

We were all very disappointed our Masquerade Ball couldn’t go ahead in June and October due to Covid-19.

However, we are excited to announce we have a brand new date for next year so fingers crossed we will be able to celebrate our milestone birthdays at The Marriot Hotel in May!

We have a new look poster for our new event and we are already making preparations with mask making sessions in our Art Classes on Zoom.

More information about our events can be found on our events page: https://leep1.co.uk/upcoming-events/

Please contact Beckie for more information about tickets:
Email: beckie@leep1.co.uk
Mobile: 07852903266