Pride Month Rainbow


We are so proud to announce that we smashed our 300 photo target in our Pride Month Rainbow Project! A huge well done to all our brilliant photographers who submitted photos for the rainbow. There was an incredible 464 photos taken by our Leep1 Facebook Group members.

Our top three contributors were Sapphire Malcolm, Vicky Hiles and Louise Palin, who between them took over 70 photos. Congratulations to Sapphire who was the overall winner of our competition for the most photographs. Sapphire is now the proud owner of this Leep1 Rainbow T-shirt we designed specially for the project. She is really excited about it and says she can’t wait to wear it at her next DJ night!

Our photo montage includes every photo submitted and we remind ourselves what each colour of the pride rainbow means.

Leeds People First Meeting – Online Safety and Self Advocacy

We had a brilliant People First meeting on Zoom today with lots of our members. In this months meeting we covered two important topics: Online Safety and Self Advocacy.

Online Safety

It is important that we all know how to keep ourselves safe online: on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, how to spot a scam telephone call, text message, email or false friend request.

Here is some really useful information about online safety:

Nuisance Calls

Concerns over nuisance calls were raised by a few members but there is an easy way to reduce these numbers calling your mobile or landline. Nuisance calls can be very distressing and also put yourself at risk from fraudsters. Here is some information about how to block and report these calls from Ofcom. You can also speak to your telephone provider who will be able to help.

Press the button below:

Self Advocacy

The second half of the meeting discussed self advocacy and what it means.

We asked what does self advocacy mean? and
Why is it important to speak up for yourself?

Quotes from People First Meeting August 2020

Self confidence and having the confidence to say NO was something nearly 70% of the group felt they struggled with. Leep1 are currently looking at addressing this with some confidence building sessions for our members. We hope that these new sessions will help give our members the tools to speak up – whether that be in the work place, in support settings or social environments.

Advocacy services such as Advonet can help people speak up for themselves if they find themselves in a situation that they cannot manage alone.

Advocacy is working with you to:

  • Listen to what you want and act on your behalf at all times
  • Think about what choices you have
  • Put forward your views so they are heard
  • Stand up for your rights and interests

Next meeting:

Our People First meetings normally happen every first Thursday of the month. We are really pleased that lots of our members can attend online using Zoom. These meetings are vital so that any developments to our services are what our members want and need.

Pride Month at Leep1

We were all disappointed that the Pride Parade in Leeds had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. However, Leep1 and Cafe Leep are celebrating Pride Month on our Facebook Group by filling the page with colourful photos.

After the great success of our LDWeek rainbow project, we wanted to make a huge Pride Rainbow photo montage to include the colours of the LGBTQ Pride flag.

Each day we ask our members to take photographs while on their walks or at home. The photos taken so far range from everyday objects we find at home, to rare album covers, nature and flowers. We have set ourselves a small challenge too! We aim to beat the 300 photos we took last time and it looks like we will smash that easily going by the number of submissions so far!

Each stripe of the rainbow depicts one sector of the LGBTQ community and the queer spectrum. There are many versions of the Pride flag – there’s a bisexual flag, asexual flag, transgender flag to name a few, but the most commonly seen Pride flag features six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

For our project we have chosen to use the GLAAD (a LGBT advocacy organisation) version of the Pride flag that includes the colours black and brown to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. The President of GLAAD says “Our Rainbow aims to encourage awareness, kindness, and acceptance for all.”