Outdoor Adventures with our Members


One Sunny Week in April

On the 12th April 2021 Leep1 reopened its doors to our members! We now support 19 members in our centre and office each week who have full access to our activities and sessions. Some sessions still remain online so that all our members are able to join in and take part.

We work in small bubbles each day to keep everyone safe and protected from Covid-19 but this has meant that not 100% of our members can come back yet. We really hope it won’t be too long before we can welcome back everyone when restrictions change and ease further.

The sun shone everyday during the second week with a mini spring heat wave in full swing! We made the most of the glorious weather by taking day trips to local parks and areas of interest. A popular choice was Roundhay Park and we visited the lakes and woodland a few times with different groups.

It was amazing to see everyone laughing and having fun together again – even the short bus journey to get to the park was full of fun.

Fairy Houses

During lockdown it was rumoured that magical fairy houses were appearing in Roundhay Woods. No one knows who started this off but local children started to build and decorate more trees adding to the collection. Doors, windows and even stepladders have been stuck more than 10 trees in the Ram Wood area, with some people even adding little toy fairies to complete the scene. There’s even a smiley tree complete with stick-on eyes

We were so excited to find some of them on one of our mini adventures!

Leep1 Spring Newsletter Out Now!

Spring is here at last! We’ve compiled our latest quarterly newsletter to fill you in on the last three months at Leep1.

Despite being in lockdown and our centre in LS7 closed Leep1 and our members have achieved so much in the last twelve months. On March 17th we celebrated our year’s anniverary of our successful Leep1 Facebook Group which has proven to be an absolute lifeline to our members.

“I cannot praise all the Leep team enough for the effort that has been put in this last year in keeping everyone positive and motivated despite everything that’s been going on. It really has been such a pleasure to see and a lifeline for many people who use the service I imagine.”
Chelsea Showell (Support Manager Specialised Supported Living Service – LYPFT)

We are also incredibly proud to have grown our team with 7 new members of staff joining us this year. You can find out more about how we have embraced diversity at Leep1 here: https://leep1.co.uk/meet-the-team/

We won 5 funding bids this past year which has meant our service hasn’t slowed down but in fact developed bigger and stronger. We were excited to be able to start our AND Clothes Project in December as a result of some funding from The People’s Health Trust for example.

“Leep1 are such an amazing organisation with a dedicated team of staff which has kept the members wellbeing and sanity going through this very difficult time. The online sessions everyday are full of learning but most of all they bring fun and laughter into everyone’s lives. Well done Leep1 you are SIMPLY THE BEST
Jacqueline Ward


AND Clothes – a clothing brand run by adults with learning disabilities


In December 2020 we were thrilled to receive some funding from the People’s Health Trust to start up our AND Clothing Project. AND Clothes is an exciting new enterprise run by adults with a learning disability. The funding allowed us to employ two members of staff to support the team of 8 members to build the business and brand with the aim of spreading the #abilitiesnotdisabilities message to the world. The group learn a wide range of skills in order to become social entrepreneurs and together they run every aspect of the clothing business from design, marketing, event planning and sales.

AND Clothes design and sell T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts with eye catching designs and empowering slogans. Our mission is to change the way society view people with a learning disability and to open their eyes to their true potential. All profits goes back into building a brand the group can be really proud of and we also aim that the project will help create more paid employment for its members in the future.

Despite the January lockdown we still went ahead as planned and the group meet twice a week on Zoom. During the online sessions the team relax with some creative time painting and drawing new designs while discussing how to build the business. We are also excited to be working with Fabrication – another social enterprise based in Leeds. Fabrication supports small businesses by giving them a space to sell in the city centre. AND currently sell their clothes on the Fabrication website and when it is safe to do so the team will be working in the shop to learn retail and customer service skills and manage the stock we have available in the store.


The project has had a lot of support and interest from other organisations such as Leeds Art University, Future Fashion Factory and has had some amazing business advice from the BBC’s Sewing Bee Celebrity Patrick Grant. Patrick, who runs his own clothing social enterprise Community Clothing based in Blackburn has been giving us some really useful tips on how to get the brand off the ground. It was a real honour to meet and chat with him with the team and we were all so excited when he gave us some really good feedback about our new designs. We hope to be working with him more closely as the project develops further.


The team are not short of ideas for new designs and have already created several that are being prepared for print. AND Clothes will be releasing their new collection of clothes in the Spring that will include a new line of gorgeous tote bags, T-Shirts and hoodies all designed by the group.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the new designs the team have been busy creating:


It has been proved that art and creativity helps improve mental health. This can be through creating paintings and drawings or having creative discussions and coming up with ideas. Part of the projects aims is to help improve the team’s wellbeing and also feel part of a community with members having a strong positive purpose. Everyone’s voice is heard and the team make all their business decisions together. AND Clothes have such a strong message to spread and its purpose is to improve the lives of adults with learning disabilities around the world. We’re very excited about this project and where it could go from here.
If you’d like to find out more about AND Clothes click here