Speak up

We are a People First group. We speak up for ourselves. We have meetings on the first Thursday of every month.

They are on from 10am to 11:30am. They are in the Leep1 office at this address:

Unit A1
Unity Business Centre
26 Roundhay Road

Everyone is welcome. Let us know if you would like to come!

We talk about things that matter to us, like:

– Benefits

– Bullying

– Hate crime

We try to make things better for people with a learning disability.

LEEP 1 stands for Leeds People 1st. It makes the name shorter. It’s easy to say and easy to remember!

People First started in America. Now there are lots of People First groups in Britain. They are groups for people with a learning disability to speak up for themselves.

Campaign against hate crime and mate crime

Leep1 does a lot of work about saying no to hate crime and mate crime.

Leep1 Hate and Mate Crime Rap video

Disability Hate Crime

See what we are doing in Leeds to tackle hate crime and what we are doing to  educate others about this topic.


Here is our members talking about why Talk to me, Hear my voice, the Leeds approach to safeguarding adults, is important to them.

BBC Breakfast Menopause Interview

BBC breakfast came in to find out about how adults with learning disabilities deal with the menopause. You can watch the full video below.

Leep1 on Calander news

Hate crime, mate crime school performance

This is a project where we have reached out to primary school year 6 pupils to try raise awareness of #HateCrimes and #MateCrimes and how to report it. It is done in forum theatre so very interactive with the pupils and gets them to solve the problems themselves.