We have reached out to primary school year 6 pupils to try raise awareness of #HateCrimes and #MateCrimes and how to report it. We use forum theatre so it is very interactive with the pupils and gets them to solve the problems themselves. It was funded by the Home Office and Safer Leeds and is tackling preventative measures.
Leeds is currently one of the highest places in the UK for hate crime incidents.
Please share and lets make this change!

We want to make Leeds a safe place to live and be free from abuse.

Some of our members have been the victim of hate and mate crime. I am passionate about what I do and I want people with disabilities to be heard and supported. But not just people with disabilities, anyone can be victimised’
Susan Hanley


Lots of hate crime doesn’t get reported because people with learning disabilities either don’t know how to or are too scared


Lots of people with disabilities still don’t know how to tell if people are real friends or fake friends.


We worked with Bright Sparks Theatre Group to highlight hate and mate crime and campaign for a safer city to live in. Our drama group produced the lyrics, script and performance which we perform in schools in Leeds.


Here is the amazing video made by our Leep1 members and edited by Jan Wells & Jon with music by Inder & Raj Goldfinger.