Laughter club

Members from LEEP1 came up with the idea to start running a laughing class. At these laughing classes we do many different laughter based exercises which have many mental and physical health benefits. The exercises that we do include talking gibberish to each other, making animal noises, silly walks and many others. Pretend laughing in large groups brings on real laughter.

Laughter releases happy hormones that make you feel great

Acts as exercise and so you burn calories

Unleashes inhibitions, breaks down barriers

Good for team building encouraging better communication

Helps boost your immune system which helps fight disease

Tones muscles, improves respiration and circulation

Encourages positive thinking and creativity

Relaxes the whole body by reducing stress and tension.

Dr Madan Kataria was the founder of laughter yoga and he was a medical doctor from Mumbai and he began laughing in a park in 1995 with 4 other people. His motto is fake it and you will make it.

Now there are lots of laughter clubs all over the world because of the many benefits from this.

In laughing clubs people don’t tell jokes but laugh together within the group which becomes very infectious. Also our body cannot differentiate between real laughing and fake laughing.

Laughing for more than 15 minutes uses your diaphragm, boosts endorphins and your body breathes in more oxygen, which also improves your immune system. Laughing sessions leave people with a positive mind.

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