Meet our team

MandyMy name is Mandy. I am the Manager of Leep1. I run the groups and make sure that all of our members are happy.


PaulMy name is Paul. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Leep1. I help all of our volunteers with what they do. I also help out with some of the groups.


BeckieMy name is Beckie. I am a Support Worker for Leep1. I help to run some of the groups. I also help out when we are out and about.



My name is Susan. I help to run Leep1. I am usually at the Leep The Bridge club nights and the People’s Parliament meetings.

AngieMy name is Angie. I am the Manager of Cafe Leep. My job is to make sure that the cafe is run properly. I also help with some of the training.



DarrenMy name is Darren. I am the Cafe Leep NVQ Trainer and Assistant Manager. I help to train new people at the cafe and help Angie to run it.



My name is Joe. I am a volunteer at Cafe Leep.Joe




My name is Katie. I am a volunteer at Cafe Leep.Katie




WendyMy name is Wendy. I am a volunteer at Cafe Leep.




KeithMy name is Keith. I am a volunteer for Leep1.