A self advocacy group for adults with a learning disability in Leeds

At Leeds People First we support our members to speak up for themselves and their community offering a wide range of activities that improve skills, build confidence and wellbeing.

We are passionate about campaigning for the rights of people with disabilities. Our vision is to create a better life for people with learning disabilities so they are treated fairly, feel valued and can have the lives they choose.
#AbilitiesNotDisabilities #SelfAdvocacy

Our centre on Roundhay Road is also home to our award winning Cafe Leep which is a friendly community cafe and training centre for our trainees who are studying NVQ in Food Safety and Catering.

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Art & Crafts

Digital Skills

Club nights

Friendship Group

Day Trips

cafe training

Cooking groups

Hate Crime Campaigns


I am the chief executive of LEEP1.
LEEP1 helps people with a learning disability speak up for themselves. This is called self-advocacy.
We run a centre in Leeds 7 which has all sorts of projects you can join in with.
LEEP1 stands for Leeds People First. It’s easy to say and easy to remember!
We enjoy doing things together and help people do things for themselves.

I hope you enjoy our website and finding out what we do!

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