People with learning disabilities speaking up for ourselves


We are an organisation that supports adults with learning disabilities speak up in their communities. This is called self advocacy.

Leep1 is run and managed by people with learning disabilities. Our members and Leeds Advocacy elect the management comittee for Leep1 anually.

We have many members who all have different roles and help Leep1 to be the thriving organisation it is today.


We have a dedicated team who work at Leep1 and are passionate and enthusiastic about supporting individuals to speak up for themselves and organise meaningful activities, which help develop skills whilst at Leep1


We have lots of volunteers who are trained through Advonet. Many join Leep1 where they learn new skills and build their confidence within a work environment.

Tom says…“Before volunteering with Leep 1, working with people with learning disabilities was something I never considered but shortly after starting I realised it was where my passion lies”.

Management Commitee

Susan Hanley | Chairperson for the Directors
Jamie Leigh|Chairperson of Leeds People First
Bernadette Spellman | Vice Chair
Kalwant Sidhu | Secretary
Julie Hill | Treasurer Day

Staff at Leep1

Susan Hanley: CEO
Mandy Haigh:Project & Development Manager
Paul Wade: Volunteer Coordinator
Rebecca Hainsworth: Asssitant Manager
Angie Marshall: Cafe Manager
Darren Nixon: NVQ Tutor
Amanda Burton: Cafe Trainee Support Worker