Members’ comments:

“I think staff are nice, caring and helpful”

“I have lots of fun during my time at Leep1”

“I enjoy coming to Leep1 and joining in with all the activities”

Cafe Leep trainees’ comments:

“I was very shy when I first started at Cafe Leep but now I am not shy anymore. My money skills are much better. I did not do much cooking at home but now I cook a lot for all my housemates”

Cafe Leep volunteer comments: 

“It’s a good work placement like a big family really enjoy it there it’s like the best place ever to work so proud off all staff there all funny but serious thanks for making it like a family Angie Darren Mandy.”

Leep1 Volunteers’ comments:

“Before volunteering with Leep1, working with people with learning disabilities was something I never considered but shortly after starting, I realised it was where my passion lies”

“ I started volunteering at Leep1 in July 2018 which was a placement with university. I was only meant to stay for six weeks but I loved it so much I just couldn’t leave. Leep1 is such a lovely environment for both members and staff. The members always manage to make me smile even if I am having a bad day which is one of the many reasons I continue to volunteer every week.”

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