Paul Wade – You’re simply the best!

Paul, Paul, Paul, where do we start?

You certainly are a larger than life presence, full to the brim of enthusiasm, compassion, hard work and always joking about!  And this is why the members and your teammates love you!

The last few years have been really challenging during Covid, but you and your teammates have done everything you could to keep Leep 1 up and running at top speed.  Because of digital skills sessions your team were able to stay in contact with members throughout the pandemic and offer a large variety of fun and informative teaching online.  Be there for those struggling emotionally and with mental health issues, bringing members closer into more of a family, The Leep 1 Family!  

 Besides the support there needs to be fun, and you have always brought that to Leep 1. Since having members returning at the end of 2020, your team have worked with both members at home and in the workplace.  Pauls 10 min workout has been a big hit and the Healthy living sessions and Kahoots galore. He puts so much fun and laughter into them, awful singing, joking about, dancing and falling over, I know the members can’t get enough. It’s learning through fun and it is a comfort.

 2021 has brought us a little more freedom and following Health and Safety covid procedures we have been able to have our members back at Leep1 HQ.

Seeing our members isolating at home all that time, many unable to get out at all was very upsetting.

So Paul decided that when we got back, we were going to make the most of it and get out every day possible.  We have done just that, visiting – Harrogate, Otley, Golden Acre park, Roundhay park, going into town and following Owl and Dinosaur trails walking along the Canal and visiting many more places. Taking packed lunches along with us, we walk and talk and smile and laugh getting Vit-D, exercise and new experience along the way, everyone so excited to see how many steps they have done.  Good Mental health and wellbeing at the end of the day.

Paul has given so much of himself to Leep 1, made so many fun memories for all who know him, he’s  truly going to be greatly missed,

With love in our hearts from your Leep 1 family xxx

Help adults with learning disabilities build a successful not-for-profit clothing business and have a voice against stigma and inequality.

ANDClothes – Crowdfunding Appeal

It’s been roughly six months since we received some funding from the People’s Health Trust to start our AND project and launch AND Clothes into the fashion world. What an exciting journey it has been so far!

AND Clothes is not just a clothing company – we’re here to change the way the world views people with a learning disability and to focus on what skills and innovation they bring. We want to end the negative public misconceptions they face and prove that it’s about what can be acheived and not what can’t.

The team at Leep1 have just started a crowdfunding campaign to help raise more funds so that the project can be developed further and they can build the #AbilitiesNotDisabilities brand to really make a positive impact on the lives of adults with learning disabilities.

Monies raised will be used to enable the entreprenuers to buy and design more mechandise so they can spread their important message and learn new skills. Our aim is to also employ our entrepreneurs at the end of the project to help and mentor others through this exciting creative business programme.

To find out more or make a donation please click the blue button to visit our Crowdfunding page. Any donation, large or small is hugely appreciated.

Gofundme campaign to help raise funds for Cafe Leep

We are proud to say that Cafe Leep is not just a cafe, it’s a cafe that makes a huge difference to the lives of so many vulnerable people. A place to visit, see friends, to feel safe, supported, and importantly the only cafe in Leeds that offers accredited NVQ training in catering for adults with learning disabilities. Our trainees gain important work and life skills to help them move into paid employment. Being here helps them to fulfil their potential and builds self confidence and purpose.

The Covid crisis has hit small businesses hard and like any other cafe, Cafe Leep will have to navigate its way through the unstable financial times ahead. We are a #notforprofit cafe and the wellbeing and success of our trainees and members is our priority.

A Gofundme campaign has been started to help raise some much needed money to buy a new coffee machine for the cafe. Not only do we want to be able to serve our customers the best coffee in Leeds, but importantly it will be used to train our trainees barista skills which is an important part of their training prgramme with us.

If you would like to make a donation please follow the link below and help us spread the message and campaign by sharing this post too. Any help is much appreciated.