It’s been three weeks since we reopened after being closed since March. It’s been absolutely brilliant to have our members back and everyone has loved seeing each other again.

Many members were anxious when they arrived, after all there was a lot to get used to, such as temperature checks at the door, hand sanitising, a one way system and a new layout. However by the end of their first day everyone had completely relaxed, felt safe and just enjoyed each others company. Our members have said that they already feel much happier, less isolated and the reopening of Leep1 has greatly improved their overall wellbeing.

We are currently open four days a week and sessions have focussed on improving a range of digital skills, CV writing, employment skills, cooking, healthy living, fitness, art and photography. The group attending also join in with some of our online Zoom sessions like Drama with Bright Sparks Theatre or Health Living with Tony from Beyond Inspired.

We look forward to seeing all our members flourish and go from strength to strength with more fun and exciting sessions planned for the weeks ahead. We are also looking forward to getting more members back safely.