Spring is here at last! We’ve compiled our latest quarterly newsletter to fill you in on the last three months at Leep1.

Despite being in lockdown and our centre in LS7 closed Leep1 and our members have achieved so much in the last twelve months. On March 17th we celebrated our year’s anniverary of our successful Leep1 Facebook Group which has proven to be an absolute lifeline to our members.

“I cannot praise all the Leep team enough for the effort that has been put in this last year in keeping everyone positive and motivated despite everything that’s been going on. It really has been such a pleasure to see and a lifeline for many people who use the service I imagine.”
Chelsea Showell (Support Manager Specialised Supported Living Service – LYPFT)

We are also incredibly proud to have grown our team with 7 new members of staff joining us this year. You can find out more about how we have embraced diversity at Leep1 here: https://leep1.co.uk/meet-the-team/

We won 5 funding bids this past year which has meant our service hasn’t slowed down but in fact developed bigger and stronger. We were excited to be able to start our AND Clothes Project in December as a result of some funding from The People’s Health Trust for example.

“Leep1 are such an amazing organisation with a dedicated team of staff which has kept the members wellbeing and sanity going through this very difficult time. The online sessions everyday are full of learning but most of all they bring fun and laughter into everyone’s lives. Well done Leep1 you are SIMPLY THE BEST
Jacqueline Ward