We are proud to say that Cafe Leep is not just a cafe, it’s a cafe that makes a huge difference to the lives of so many vulnerable people. A place to visit, see friends, to feel safe, supported, and importantly the only cafe in Leeds that offers accredited NVQ training in catering for adults with learning disabilities. Our trainees gain important work and life skills to help them move into paid employment. Being here helps them to fulfil their potential and builds self confidence and purpose.

The Covid crisis has hit small businesses hard and like any other cafe, Cafe Leep will have to navigate its way through the unstable financial times ahead. We are a #notforprofit cafe and the wellbeing and success of our trainees and members is our priority.

A Gofundme campaign has been started to help raise some much needed money to buy a new coffee machine for the cafe. Not only do we want to be able to serve our customers the best coffee in Leeds, but importantly it will be used to train our trainees barista skills which is an important part of their training prgramme with us.

If you would like to make a donation please follow the link below and help us spread the message and campaign by sharing this post too. Any help is much appreciated.