Overcoming struggles, acheivements and future ambitions

We are very excited here at Leep1 as our first published book is now available to buy on Amazon! Both in paperback and E-book versions the 11 chapters have been written by members and staff of Leep1 and in particular the 8 entrepreneurs part of the AND Project.

LEEP1’s primary expertise is a deep understanding of the needs of learning-disabled and autistic adults, supporting them to develop independent lives.

We set up a clothing brand with a social purpose, the mission is to change the way the world views learning-disabled adults, tackling the stigma and inequalities they face. AND Clothes is an enterprise run by and for adults with learning disabilities and autism. We support our team members to learn business skills, develop entrepreneurial talent, build confidence, and help them have the lives they choose.

All the clothing designs are created by our entrepreneurs, emblazoned with empowering slogans and phrases. 100% of our profits go back into building a brand our team can be proud of.

If you would like to buy a copy of the book please click the button below

Paperback: £8.99
E-Book : £4.99