The Advonet Group

The Advonet Group are an advocacy charity in Leeds. Advocacy helps people to get their voices heard.

Leep1 are part of The Advonet Group. Visit their website here.


CHANGE are also part of The Advonet Group. They make Easy Read images and resources.

CHANGE also do project work and awareness training on disabled people’s rights. Visit their website here.

Forum Central

Forum Central are a group who help bring charities in Leeds together.

They have a network for groups who work with adults with learning disabilities in Leeds. Click to find out more.

Through The Maze

Through the Maze is a website that has lots of information on it.

They have news about events and services for people with a learning disability. Visit their website here:

Inclusion North

Inclusion North are a group that help to include people with learning disabilities in things that happen.

They include transport and hospitals. Visit their website here:


Mencap are a national charity for people with learning disabilities.

They have some services available for people who live in Leeds. Visit their website here: