Sapphire, one of our Facebook page members, has really blossomed since joining the Facebook group. We’ve loved seeing her grow in confidence and be such an inspiration to others on the page. Not only does she do live DJ sets for us once a week – a skill she has mastered since lockdown, the evenings have now inspired her to buy some DJ mixing decks…. so watch this space… DJ Sapphire is in the House!

The Leep1 Talent Show started all thanks to her idea and her passion for performance and singing. Leep1 has now joined forces with People In Action to host this years Leeds Talent.

Sapphire shared this song with us on the group page and it’s so lovely we had to share it to the wider world. It’s moments like these that make us realise we are not alone and we stand together, even if we’re physically apart.

Just the Way You are by Sapphire.