Leep1 re-opens this week!

We are extremely excited to be re-opening tomorrow and the team have been working hard getting the office and space ready for our members to return safely.

We will be working in bubbles of 6 each day which has meant not all members can return at this time. We have ensured that members who are safe to return or do not access any other services for support have been given priority.

The safety and wellbeing of our team amd members is crucial so careful safety measures are in place. We have also cleared a lot of usused furniture, equipment and materials away so there is plenty of room to social distance. The Leep 1 office looks like a brand new space!

Our Facebook group will still be running activities as normal but we are now also able to film and stream live from Leep1. We have some exciting new sessions planned over the next few months.

We are really looking forward to seeing our members back this week and hope you will watch some of our films and videos of what we get up to over the coming weeks.

Watch this space!

Our new timetable for Sept 7th – 12th:

Movers and Groovers Dancercise Class

Exercise is FUN!

Michelle Mangeolles our lovely Yoga instructor has introduced a fun new class to our exciting schedule on the Leep1 Facebook Group.

Movers and Groovers started last week and was a huge hit. The class was brilliant fun and got everyone, dancing, singing, air guitaring and of course exercising!

Michelle has been a yoga instructor for over 10 years and has been helping our members stay agile and active with regular yoga sessions at the weekends during lockdown. The sessions have many benefits such as : reducing stress and improving everyday movement.

We’re looking forward to the next Dance Exercise lesson tonight.

Find out more about Michelle here: http://www.michellemangeollesyoga.com/

Online Food Safety Training

A Report by Sapphire Malcolm

Sapphire Malcolm joined the Leep1 Facebook group during lockdown. Since March she has been learning all about food safety in our morning online classes. She has been an A Grade student throughout and we are proud that she can be put forward to sit her NVQ exam when she feels ready.
This film is written and presented by Sapphire. She tells us why she enjoys the course and what she has learnt over the last few months
Sapphire’s report

Cafe Leep is a Community Cafe and accredited training centre for adults with learning disabilities. The trainees would gain hands on work experience helping to run the cafe while studying food safety. Our NVQ tutor ( Darren Nixon) helps them pass a nationally recognised Level 2 in Food Safety which prepares our trainees for employment in other cafes and catering.

During lockdown Darren continued to run his sessions with our trainees via our Facebook Group. We are really pleased that the sessions could be accessed by other members who were interested in learning new skills too.

Having regular sessions and a learning focus every morning was an important way to keeping well when many social support centres were closed. The sessions were also a lot of fun and members and trainees enjoyed seeing and supporting each other.