Happy Crossed Fingers Day! #Thankstoyou

Today, on Friday 19th November we want to join thousands of other projects across the UK that have been able to make great things happen with the help from money received from National Lottery players. #Thankstoyou we've received funding from [...]

2021-11-19T01:07:06+00:0019 November 2021|News|

ANDClothes Volunteer Call Out

ANDClothes is our brand new and exciting enterprise at Leep1. The project is run by two local artists and with 8 team members they design and make clothes that campaigns to hightlight our message #abilitiesnotdisabilities. We are currently recruiting for [...]

2021-10-14T12:24:42+01:0014 October 2021|News|

Leep1 Club Night Returns!!

WELCOME BACK CLUBBERS!! The biggest thing we all missed during Covid and the various lockdowns were our monthly clubnights. We were all desperate to get together and party like we used to do! We have some fantatsic news! our Club [...]

2021-09-09T14:25:35+01:009 September 2021|Club Nights, News|

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