Leep1 Club Night Returns!!


The biggest thing we all missed during Covid and the various lockdowns were our monthly clubnights. We were all desperate to get together and party like we used to do!

We have some fantatsic news! our Club Nights ARE BACK!
We’ve teamed up with Popworld in Leeds as our new venue and will be hosting the first monthly club night in time for Halloween.

We are now selling tickets online in advance. Tickets will also be available on the door

We hope you can join us for our very first club events. They will be happening every third Thursday of the month from October.

Volunteer with Us

We are currently looking for help to run these events so if you can spare three hours a month to help please get in touch. Volunteering with us fun, rewarding and a great way to gain experience in this sector. Find out more about volunteering here: https://leep1.co.uk/volunteering/ or email manager@leep1.co.uk for more information and an application pack.

Paul Wade – You’re simply the best!

Paul, Paul, Paul, where do we start?

You certainly are a larger than life presence, full to the brim of enthusiasm, compassion, hard work and always joking about!  And this is why the members and your teammates love you!

The last few years have been really challenging during Covid, but you and your teammates have done everything you could to keep Leep 1 up and running at top speed.  Because of digital skills sessions your team were able to stay in contact with members throughout the pandemic and offer a large variety of fun and informative teaching online.  Be there for those struggling emotionally and with mental health issues, bringing members closer into more of a family, The Leep 1 Family!  

 Besides the support there needs to be fun, and you have always brought that to Leep 1. Since having members returning at the end of 2020, your team have worked with both members at home and in the workplace.  Pauls 10 min workout has been a big hit and the Healthy living sessions and Kahoots galore. He puts so much fun and laughter into them, awful singing, joking about, dancing and falling over, I know the members can’t get enough. It’s learning through fun and it is a comfort.

 2021 has brought us a little more freedom and following Health and Safety covid procedures we have been able to have our members back at Leep1 HQ.

Seeing our members isolating at home all that time, many unable to get out at all was very upsetting.

So Paul decided that when we got back, we were going to make the most of it and get out every day possible.  We have done just that, visiting – Harrogate, Otley, Golden Acre park, Roundhay park, going into town and following Owl and Dinosaur trails walking along the Canal and visiting many more places. Taking packed lunches along with us, we walk and talk and smile and laugh getting Vit-D, exercise and new experience along the way, everyone so excited to see how many steps they have done.  Good Mental health and wellbeing at the end of the day.

Paul has given so much of himself to Leep 1, made so many fun memories for all who know him, he’s  truly going to be greatly missed,

With love in our hearts from your Leep 1 family xxx

Nature and green spaces in Leeds with Leep1

#ConnectWithNature #metalhealthawarenessweek

This week to celebrate mental health awareness week the members at Leep1 got close to nature.

How do you feel when you walk through a forest or woods? Relaxed, calm and peaceful?

Visiting green spaces and being with nature is good for both your mental health and physical health. It has been found that living in areas where there are more trees and grass has been linked to a lower risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

A recent study found that people who spent at least two hours a week with nature were more likely to report higher levels of health and well-being – so nature really is good for you!

1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health difficulty at some point in their lives. Life these days seem to get busier and more hectic as each year passes. The effects of the pandemic have also taken it’s toll with many more people feeling anxious, worried and stressed. Visiting green spaces and parks is a great way of feeling an escape and getting away, a chance to walk, do some excercise and share social experiences with friends – which are all good for our mental health and wellbeing.

Making some time just for yourself is extremely important to keep a good healthy balance and good mental health.

Roundhay Park Leeds

Leeds is lucky enough to have one of the biggest city parks in Europe. Roundhay Park is not far from our offices at Leep1 and it is a popular destination for our out and about trips with our members. The park covers more than 700acres – that’s the same as 700 football fields! With woodlands, lakes and streams, grasslands, formal gardens and mansion to name a few of its attractions.

We spent this week going for lots of walks at Roundhay park. Everyone really enjoyed the good weather and one of the highlights was spotting the baby signets with it’s mother by the lake – as well as Annette trying to exericse while eating an ice cream!

Urban Green Spaces

Most cities have green havens in and among all it’s tall buildings. These spaces break up the all the grey and adds a breath of fresh air for visitors and people who work nearby. We took our members to Leeds city centre to explore some nature in the heart of the city which included an impressive 30ft planted wall at Leeds City College!